The Perfect Summer: Kaua’i Edition

The Perfect Summer: Kaua’i Edition

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 07/18/22

There’s no summer like a Kaua’i summer because the activities and endless days of fun don’t stop!

Whether you live in Kaua’i and experience this every day with us locals, or you’re summering with us for a bit, the thrill is always top-notch.

From snorkeling and sandcastle building on sun-soaked beaches to exploring aquariums and fishponds, there are seemingly endless ways to connect with the family in the Garden Island.

Here are some activities recommended by all the thrill seekers and sun soakers here in Kaua’i:

1. Surfing
If you dream of riding the waves, there’s no better place to learn how than right here in the birthplace of surfing.

2. Snorkeling & Scuba
Come face to face with tropical fish, spotted eagle rays, and green sea turtles on an underwater adventure in Hawaii's 1,200 miles of coral reef.

3. Mountain Tubing
Strap on a headlamp and hop into a tube to explore inland canals, tunnels, and flumes on this only-in-Kauai adventure.

4. Parasailing
Lift off on a parasailing adventure and get a bird’s eye view of Hawaii’s breathtaking coastline from up to 1,200 feet in the air.

5. Deep Sea Fishing
Hawaii is home to some of the biggest marlin in the world as well as one of the oldest billfish tournaments, plus scores of other game fish – from wahoo to mahimahi to giant trevally.

BOTTOM LINE: Summertime is all about playing in the sun, sand, and waves! Kaua’i is a great place to accomplish all of those tasks.

And if you find that you love it here too much to ever leave, I’d love to show you some options of real estate in Kaua’i!

To start your life of luxury, contact me at (808) 652-0530. Mahalo!

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