Make Waves and Buy a Beach House

Make Waves and Buy a Beach House

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 04/11/24

If you've spent years dreaming of waking up to the soothing sounds of the ocean, it's time to stop dreaming and start living that reality. Buying a house on the beach can bring that long-desired lifestyle right to your doorstep.

While there are some practical considerations, the joys of beachfront living are immense.

Location, Location, Paradise!
When it comes to beach houses, snagging the perfect location is key to coastal bliss. Will you go for a home with the salty air and crashing waves just steps away? Or would you prefer a house a few blocks back with gorgeous ocean views and walkable beach access? Explore all the dreamy options until you find the one that has your name written in the sandy dunes.

Built for Life By the Sea
Homes made for seaside living are designed to embrace the natural elements rather than face their fury. Look for sturdy construction that includes impact-resistant windows to welcome in the ocean vistas, storm-proof roofing to withstand strong winds, and elevated foundations to let any storm surges pass right under. Smart, sustainable construction ensures your beach home is a haven built to last.

The Best Things in Life are Shored
Yes, homes by the ocean usually require higher insurance premiums due to environmental risks. But isn't the chance to enjoy an unbeatable waterfront lifestyle worth the investment? With the right coverage, you can kick back and relish in the beauty and breezes that come with coastal living without worry.

Rent and Breathe the Salt Air
If you can't be by the beach full-time, make your cherished beach house do double duty by renting it out when not in use. Just imagine all the potential rental income to offset costs while sharing your seaside oasis with other families. It's a win-win scenario that lets your beach house live up to its name.

A Lifestyle Worth Its Sand
Let's be real - transitioning to a new beach lifestyle will take some adjustments. More crowds during peak seasons, a bit more sunshine to soak up, and likely a few more grains of sand trailed inside each day. But what an idyllic problem to embrace! Every sunrise and sunset becomes a front-row spectacle. Every stroll takes you just steps from the lapping waves. Seashells, sandcastles, and oceanfront living - now that's the good life.

Don't just keep dreaming about living footsteps from the beach. Take the plunge and make it happen! With some savvy planning and an ocean-lover's spirit, you can wake up to your own personal paradise.

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