The Magic of Kaua’i Christmas through the Years

The Magic of Kaua’i Christmas through the Years

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 12/13/23

The holiday season has always been a magical time on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i. While wintry scenes may decorate cards and films from the mainland, Kaua’i has cultivated its own unique Christmas charm mixing tropical landscapes, rich cultural traditions, and the spirit of aloha. As the years have gone by, beloved events and customs have left their mark creating treasured memories for both locals and visitors.

In the late 1800s, immigrants from around the world brought their holiday traditions to the island. English carols and German Christmas trees blended with Hawaiian customs like honoring royal heritage and celebrating with a great feast. One constant was gatherings of family and friends to share food, songs, and gifts—a tradition that continues today in homes across Kaua’i.

By the 1920s, the island had established annual Christmas parades in cities like Lihue and Hanapepe. Still held annually, these parades delight crowds with floats decorated with colorful tropical flowers and greenery. That decade also saw the rise of hotel holiday feasts complete with dinner, dancing, and visits from Santa Claus—Santa often arriving by canoe or even parachute!

After World War II, the plantation era shaped many beloved traditions. Families would gather to sing carols door-to-door and enjoy a potluck feast afterwards. Local groups also performed pageants reenacting the nativity story with multi-cultural casts wearing attire ranging from biblical robes to Hawaiian skirts.

Today, the holiday spirit begins as early as November with the joyful Gotta Get Up to Get Down parade. The seasonal cheer continues through New Year celebrations marked by spectacular fireworks displays over the ocean. Favorite modern traditions include whale watching excursions, surfing Santa contests, and holiday concerts under the stars pairing local performers with visiting artists.

THE BOTTOM LINE: While celebrations continue to evolve incorporating new cultural influences, the island’s landscape remains a constant source of wonder. There’s no place quite like Kaua’i for the holidays with swaying palms adorned in festive lights, fragrant flower lei, warm sandy beaches, and the gentle rhythm of the sea – a perfect backdrop for gathering with loved ones to celebrate the season. The reverent spirit of aloha during this special time invites all to embrace the magic a Kaua’i Christmas has to offer.

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