Living the Snowbird Lifestyle: Buying a Winter Home in the Tropics

Living the Snowbird Lifestyle: Buying a Winter Home in the Tropics

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 02/21/24

If you're retired or have the ability to work remotely, becoming a snowbird is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. Snowbirds refer to people who live in one place for part of the year, usually the warmer months, and another cooler location during the winter.

While some snowbirds opt to rent homes seasonally, buying a second home as a winter residence is a dream for many seeking to escape harsh winters. Here are some general things to consider if you're looking to purchase a snowbird home.

Once you select an overall location, you can focus on finding available properties that meet your needs. If you plan to use this as a part-time winter home only, make sure to look for low maintenance and easy to maintain necessities. Energy efficiency for cooling costs is important too.

If you're hoping to rent your property out in the spring and summer months, cater to features that future renters would desire, such as being near the beach, having a pool or being in a popular neighborhood. Determine whether you'll use this as a future income property or strictly keep it for personal seasonal use only

In addition to securing the winter home itself, don't forget to research and set up any local services to establish it as your seasonal home base. Look into weekly or monthly cleaning or lawn services during the months you won't occupy the home. Identify any regular maintenance that will be required and line up service providers accordingly.

Consider opening a local bank account and credit card to simplify paying bills or other expenses from your winter residence location. Forward your mail or enroll in e-billing services to receive statements digitally regardless of which house you're staying in at the moment.

BOTTOM LINE: Becoming an owner of a snowbird home in Kaua'i means you'll have the best of both worlds - enjoying warmer winters in your second home while still maintaining your permanent residence in the lower 48.

Taking the time to carefully choose the right neighborhood and home for your migration needs will allow you to spread your wings annually and make the most of this relaxing retirement dream lifestyle!

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