Top Tips for Selling Your Home

Top Tips for Selling Your Home

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 03/21/24

Selling your home can be an exciting but stressful process. From preparing your property to negotiating with buyers, there are many factors to consider.

To help make the process smoother, here are some important things to keep in mind when selling your home.

Prep Your Home for Sale
Before listing your home, you'll want to get it in top showing condition. Declutter each room, removing personal items and excess furniture to make the space feel open and inviting. Clean everything thoroughly, from scrubbing floors to washing windows. Consider having the home professionally staged to highlight its best assets. Small upgrades like fresh paint in neutral tones, updated light fixtures, and refreshed landscaping can also go a long way.

Price it Right
Pricing your home correctly right out of the gate is crucial. If you price too high, it may sit on the market; too low, and you may miss out on potential profits. Work with an experienced real estate agent to run comps on recently sold homes in your area. While pricing slightly below market value may spark a bidding war, don't undervalue your home.

Market it Effectively
These days, effective marketing means much more than just putting a sign in the yard. Most buyers start their search online, so stellar photography and thorough listing descriptions are musts. Your agent should also implement a strategic marketing plan utilizing print ads, social media, and the local multiple listing service (MLS). Don't forget about simple tips like baking cookies before showings to create an inviting aroma!

Be Flexible for Showings
While it can be inconvenient, you'll need to make your home available for showings at a moment's notice. Buyers want to see homes on their schedule, not the sellers'. Keep your home ready to show at all times, avoiding piles of clutter or dirty dishes. You'll also need to be able to vacate the property quickly when a showing is scheduled.

Prepare for Negotiations
Once offers start coming in, the negotiation process begins. Hire an agent who is an expert negotiator to advocate for your best interests. Don't get emotional about buyer requests for repairs or price reductions. Remain objective, and carefully weigh each offer against your needs. Your agent can provide guidance on which terms are dealbreakers versus which items you can compromise on.

With some preparation and an experienced real estate team, you'll be able to successfully navigate the home selling process. The keys are pricing and marketing your home strategically while staying flexible for showings and open-minded during negotiations.

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