Experience a Different Winter in Kaua'i

Experience a Different Winter in Kaua'i

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 01/26/24

As other parts of the country are still chilling, Kaua'i maintains its lush, tropical landscape through Hawaii's mild winters. If you're looking to escape the cold and see a lesser-known side of the Garden Island, winter is an ideal time to visit.

Crowds are minimal in the winter months between November and March. Popular spots like Waimea Canyon and Hanalei see far fewer tourists. Without the masses, you can better appreciate the island's incredible natural sights. Rise early to catch breathtaking sunrises over Waimea Canyon without jostling other eager photographers. Stroll along Hanalei Bay and soak in the laidback, small-town atmosphere in this surfing mecca.

Whale watching also draws visitors to Kaua'i from December to April when humpback whales migrate to the island's warm, sheltered waters to mate and birth calves. Book a whale watching cruise to see these magnificent marine mammals breach, tail slap and care for their young. Or spot them right from shore at secluded beaches like Polihale State Park on the west side.

The winter months bring more rain as Kaua'i's Mt. Waialeale is one of the wettest spots on Earth. But Kaua'i is verdant for a reason, and the rain keeps everything lush. Temperatures may be a bit cooler and trade winds stronger, but most days continue to reach into the 70s. Just bring an umbrella and light jacket.

And while popular north shore surf spots can see big winter swells, south shore spots like Poipu and Brennecke's Beach still offer great swimming, snorkeling and boogie boarding. The south side also sees less rain if you're worried about downpours disrupting your beach time.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Traveling to Kaua'i in winter means no fighting crowds, easier access to stunning sights and a front-row seat for watching humpbacks play. You can experience Kaua'i's incredible nature without all the summer visitors. So escape the mainland chill and enjoy tropical paradise this winter. Just don't forget to tell your friends you'd rather keep this garden island gem a secret.

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