Hawaii's Annual Events & Festivals

Hawaii's Annual Events & Festivals

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 07/26/23

If you venture into the heart of Hawaii's local community, you'll be welcomed by a vibrant collection of cultural celebrations. From paniolo (cowboys) to Chinese dragons, and an array of ethnic festivals, the islands come alive with a rich diversity of events. Throughout the year, the calendar is filled with parades, street parties, food and craft fairs, concerts, and family activities, all honoring the various aspects of Hawaii's unique culture.

Hawaii hosts a myriad of unforgettable annual festivities. Some, like the Honolulu Marathon in December and the Hawaii International Film Festival in October, attract visitors and participants from all corners of the world. Others, such as Oahu's Prince Lot Hula Competition in July, the Eō E ʻEmalani I Alaka‘i Festival in October on Kauaʻi, and the statewide King Kamehameha Celebration in June, are cherished local affairs. These events provide an authentic glimpse into the soul of Hawaii for those seeking an immersive cultural experience during their stay.

For both locals and visitors, events showcasing Hawaii's local cuisine and agricultural bounty are a true delight. The Hawaii Food and Wine Festival, spanning the islands of Hawaiʻi, Maui, and Oʻahu in October, as well as the Kapalua Wine & Food Festival on Maui in June, are renowned culinary extravaganzas. Drawing acclaimed chefs, winemakers, and sommeliers, they are a paradise for food and wine enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, the Island of Hawaiʻi's Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival in November is a 10-day celebration of all things coffee, with nearly 50 events to indulge in. On Kauaʻi, the Chocolate & Coffee Festival in October showcases the island's cacao and coffee industries in delightful fashion.

BOTTOM LINE: Hawaii is full of tradition, which makes all of these get-togethers and festivals so much more fun. The community coming together to celebrate the land in which they live, work and play is magical!

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