Prepping Your Home for the School Year Ahead

Prepping Your Home for the School Year Ahead

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 08/2/23

Happy back-to-school season! Now is the time to take your kids’ education experience to the next level, and help aesthetically organize your lives while you’re at it! Figure out how you can help make everyone’s days a little easier when you’re juggling so many things at once.

Take a look at the tips below to transform your home into a before-, during-, and after-school paradise. 

Create an Entry-Way that Makes Sense
To master the back-to-school season, the key is maintaining organization, and it all begins in the entryway. Prevent clutter and disorder by establishing a unified entry area where each item has its designated place. Hang backpacks and jackets on hooks, arrange bins for shoes and other items, and install a pegboard with shelves for kids to keep their water bottles, sunglasses, and keys. Everything will have its own home, making your life much more manageable.

Transform Your Reading Nook
Create an ideal at-home schooling space for your kids by revamping an empty corner into a vibrant little library. Make sure to include ample desk space, handcrafted art, and plenty of drawers for craft supplies.

Combine a Lofted Bed and Desk
Maximize space and functionality by using a lofted bed as a study area, complete with a bookshelf for displaying sports trophies and a desk. This setup provides extra room for playing, relaxing after school, and doing homework.

Establish a Snack Station
To ensure kids have a quick and organized snack option after getting off the bus, set up a snack station in your home. Transform a standard bar or kitchen nook into an orderly after-school snack shop, decorating spare counter space with healthy treats and stocking a mini fridge with kid-friendly beverages like seltzers.

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BOTTOM LINE: There’s already so much going on during the school year, from carpooling to and fro, rushing to after-school activities, all while trying to race home to make dinner - so help yourself out!

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