Start Decluttering TODAY

Start Decluttering TODAY

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 07/26/22

Decluttering and going through the amount of stuff we collect throughout the years is sometimes an intimidating to-do list item to get going.

But once it’s done, don’t we always feel so much better?

Decluttering your home can have all kinds of positive benefits, from better sleep to improved memory and focus.

So once you decide you’re ready to start, maybe you’ll want to begin with these items so you're sure not to miss anything.

1. Clothing You've Never Worn
Donate or sell any items of clothing you've had for more than a year without wearing.

2. Expired Makeup
How long have those cosmetics been lurking in your makeup bag? Mascara should be replaced every three months. Foundation and concealer are good for about a year, while lipstick, eye shadow, and blush should be replaced every two years.

3. Old Toys
Donate toys your child has outgrown, then get ideas for upcycling hand-me-downs they can't bear to part with.

4. Old Spices
Most ground spices should be replaced after 12 months. A simple test? Give each one a whiff. If there's no scent, there will be no flavor. 

5. Movies You Don't Love
If you'd only give a film one thumb up or you wouldn't watch it again, give it away or sell it at a used electronics store. And those VHS tapes? If you don't have a player, let those go, too.

BOTTOM LINE: Decluttering and organizing is usually a tedious task that not everyone is so excited to do. But hopefully, these guidelines will set you on the right path!

And if you’re looking to start completely fresh in a new home in Kaua’i, I’d love nothing more to chat with you about or show you some Kaua’i real estate options that would work for you and your family.

To start your life of luxury, contact me at (808) 652-0530. Mahalo!

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