Some Interior Trends to Explore

Some Interior Trends to Explore

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 03/14/22

Now that the new year is a few months in, let’s discuss what designers are saying the trends are when it comes to interior design.

So, if you need a little change or guidance on how to stay on trend with your design choices, this blog is for you!

Whether you're selling your home and want to decorate your listing, or want to make your home more personalized and welcoming, here are some tips.

Chic Chocolate Hues
Gone are the days when everyone went for shades of gray because now chocolatey brown hues are in. Since the gray walls and choice of décor has become so popular, designers feel it has converted to being the cookie-cutter choice and the brown shades are cozier and homier.

Classic Canopy Beds
Major influences from historic and stately homes are very common. Canopy beds were a staple in many old houses and help give that historic-charm vibe.

Maximalism Marvel
For so long, minimalism was the name of the game when it came to interior design and décor. But since trends always go through cycles, maximalism is bound to continue to make a comeback. Now, bring in all the décor, it doesn’t even have to necessarily match styles if it looks good all together!

Something Old, Something New
Incorporating reworked vintage finds and heritage furnishings into the home can really help bring character and make your home more inviting. Plus, it’s so fun to go to thrift stores and markets to explore the greatest finds!

BOTTOM LINE: Interior design can be such a wonderful and enjoyable way of expressing yourself and creating a home you love. Although there are always going to be trends and guidelines to tell you what’s popular at a certain point in time, make sure in the end you do what you love best!

And if you want to start that journey of picking out décor and discovering design in a home in Kaua’i, I’d love nothing more than to help you find your dream home and start talks about real estate in Kaua’i

Hawai’i homes have a very unique sense of style that can put a lovely and tropical tweak on any trend.

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