New Projects & DIYs to Start in Your Home

New Projects & DIYs to Start in Your Home

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 02/20/22

As we’re well into our routines of the new year and spring is on the horizon, some homeowners might be itching to start a home-renovating or decorating project.


There are plenty of assignments to choose from, depending on what kind of mission you wish to complete. You can find at least five ideas from just one episode of a design and renovation show on HGTV!


If you’re planning on getting up to some satisfactory DIYs this spring or calling in someone else for the job, here are some considerations to fulfill the need for change in your home.


Coffee Nook

Let’s start out easy, with a little coffee corner! Pick a spot on your counter that you can free up for your Nespresso machine and some mugs or construct an area of your kitchen specifically for this delicious delight.


Floating Shelves

Make room for natural light and an assortment of your best decor finds by installing wall-to-wall floating shelves. They can add character and charm to your home while allowing you to showcase your treasures!


Wallpaper or Paint

A timeless and classic go-to DIY is the old-fashioned accent wall. It’s still just as effective as it ever was and can really change the vibe or atmosphere of a room! Pick a color or print that you love, and make the easy, yet dramatic modification.


BOTTOM LINE: In the end, there are countless projects you can take on and use to add a little change to your home. From the mailbox to the backyard fence, people are learning to upgrade each and every aspect of a home!


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So, if you’re ready to live in your forever home in Kaua'i, let me help you start your life of luxury. Contact me at (808) 652-0530. Mahalo!


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