Home Design Trends to Try in Hawai’i

Home Design Trends to Try in Hawai’i

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 01/19/22

When a new year rolls around, a hot topic that tends to trend is what designs are predicted to be popular.


Of course, this pertains to clothes, cars, shoes, etc., but one of the hot and most widespread hobbies circulating the globe is interior design.


And because Kaua’i real estate is so sought after, decorating homes of this caliber can be such a fun, enlightening task.


So, if you’re wanting to redesign your home or need to decorate a new home in Kaua’i, here are some buzzing trends in the interior design space for you to check out!


  1. Biophilic design: the act of incorporating nature in the home.

Bring the outside in and encompass beautiful Hawai’i landscape into your home! It’s a natural way to bring decoration and life into your space.


  1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to update or add character to a room without making a long-lasting decision. Pick a fun print that matches your style, and then change a while after if you want!


  1. Think about incorporating a fun office space

Since working from has become the new normal, having an inviting and comfortable place to work (somewhere you’d actually like to be) could be beneficial for your home’s value, and also your mental health.


BOTTOM LINE: If you’re wanting a change in 2022, or if you’re looking to spruce up your home before you list it, researching some design trends may be worth your while!


And if you’re ready to make a move to Kaua’i in order to bring your design dreams to life, I’m available to help you find your dream home, and even recommend interior designers on Kaua’i!


If you’re ready to find your forever home in Kaua'i, let me help you start your life of luxury. Contact me at (808) 652-0530. Mahalo!


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