Falling Into a New Season of Real Estate

Falling Into a New Season of Real Estate

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 09/28/21

We just rounded out a sizzling summer when it comes to the national real estate market, homes being sold quicker than they can be listed all around the country.

Some properties were even being sold straight from listings and without being viewed at all in person. Though things are starting to settle down now as we head into autumn, a healthy, steady market can definitely still be expected.

If you’re planning on selling this fall or preparing to list at some point soon, it’s important to recognize that there are always essential things to do to get your home noticed.

Something that is extremely prevalent especially when it comes to the Kauaʿi properties, is cleaning up landscaping. In regions where scenery and location are such an appealing selling point, making sure it looks pristine and up to a buyer’s expectation of paradise is so crucial.

Decluttering is another aspect of sprucing up your home that is not only a positive when listing your house, but also just a general constructive thing to do when entering a new season.

Sometimes when homeowners get so used to where certain things are in their home, they don’t realize they might accidentally be cluttering along the way. So, have a clean-out and refresh your space!

A few final pointers that can make a productive difference and allow your home to stand out on the market are cleaning windows to see those gorgeous views and let that natural light in, paint your walls a fresh neutral color, etc.

BOTTOM LINE: In the end, there are countless actions you can take when it comes to updating your home for the new season of listings that will be hitting the market.

And whether you’re ready to buy, sell, or both in Kauaʿi, I’m more than prepared to help you on any road you may need to go down.

If you’re ready to find your forever home on Kauaʿi, let me help you start your life of luxury. Contact me at (808) 652-0530. Mahalo!

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