Back-to-School Home Hacks

Back-to-School Home Hacks

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 08/23/22

Back-to-school season is always such a nerving time! Whether it be anxious students awaiting their new classes or hectic parents running around to get everything ready, prepping your home will help!

There are a lot of ways to transform your house into an away-from-school sanctuary. Of course, starting out with the most important thing… after-school snacks!

From the bus to the snack station!
If you don’t want your kids to raid the pantry of everything it’s worth when they get home, only allow them to have certain snacks. You can transform a standard bar or kitchen nook into an organized after-school snack shop. Decorate spare counter space with healthy treats. Stock a mini fridge with refreshing water and other kid-friendly pours.

Create a coat and backpack rack!
If you’re handy, gather some screws and hooks so you’re kids will be forced to hang up their coats! It’ll be the coolest after-school drop zone around — coats, hats, and backpacks have a creative space to live on this handmade coatrack.

Inspire the little ones with a reading nook!
Level up your kids' at-home schooling space and turn an empty corner of your home into a colorful little library. Line rows of wall shelving or a big vintage bookshelf with nostalgic children's books. A graphic rug and a few beanbag chairs offer fun sprawl-out options.

Let your child design a fun desk space!
If you don't have enough space for an entire school room, you can still create a distinct study spot — even in your smallest bedroom. All you need is space for a desk and a chair. Allow your child to pick out fun desk accessories as they would their own bedroom decorations. Think colorful globes, pretty pencil holders, desk calendars, and more.

BOTTOM LINE: School days are back and ready to take your normal days by storm! So help yourself out and make it a nice, seamless transition between school and home for your kids.

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