2022 Fall Home Design Trends

2022 Fall Home Design Trends

  • Rohn Boyd
  • 09/27/22

Fall is in full flourish and your home can match that same vibe! Especially living in Hawaii, we don’t always get that same crisp air as most of the lower 48 do, so we can DIY the autumn aesthetic.

Whether you’re looking to go all out or just add a few accent pieces that scream harvest season - we’ve got some pointers for you on what’s trending right now.

Sculptural Art
A new artful accent is taking over the design world right now: sculpture art. The dimensional statement pieces bring height and interest to otherwise empty corners of your casa and come in every design style and material imaginable.

As far as patterns go, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that’s more of the moment (and timeless!) than checkerboard. Incorporate the classical checkered print in your home through ceramics, resin trays and textiles like rugs or bed linens.

Warm Marble
Recently popular crisp, snowy-white marble takes a backseat to warm-toned marble and natural stone like travertine in 2022. Bright white marble’s cool undertone lends a starkness that designers are steering away from this season.

Cottagecore Florals
This trend stays true to its roots with ditsy floral prints, stamped prints, and organic woven fabrics but it gets a new, moody look for fall with deep, saturated colorways befitting the season. Embrace the warmth at home with autumnal floral dinner napkins, tea towels, pillow covers, or throws.

Dark Wood Details
After years of soft and bright wood tones, the opposite end of the spectrum is in: deep, dark, and moody wood tones. Incorporate the espresso wood in your home through accent furniture like side tables or chairs, or add it to your entertaining arsenal with the wood serving boards below.

BOTTOM LINE: Now you can see that it’s fairly easy to create a fall wonderland right within the walls of your home, no matter where you live!

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